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This is the author’s blog of several friends, great enthusiasts. For more than five years, I have been fond of Postcrossing, and this has led me to start this blog, where I describe “What is postcrossing“, writing about postcards that I receive from different countries.

I receive postcards even from countries I have not heard of before, such as Guernsey or small German villages (Stade, Kozerow).

Because I used to be a musician and worked in drama theater for more than ten years, I visited different cities and countries.

It’s time to share my experiences on our blog – The Bigger Lovers.

There are many travel blogs on the Internet, and we are no exception. We want to unite people around our idea: “To become more valuable to each other”.

You can always ask me a personal question or comment on any post on our site.

Take care!

Please feel free to contact me!

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