7 Things You Should Know When Visiting Stade

Stade is a small town in northern Germany with an impressive population of more than 8,000 people.  This town has been around since 1180, when it was first designated as a market town, and features many old buildings that line the streets. I highly recommend visiting Stade because there are tons of interesting landmarks to explore!

There’s too much going on here for me to summarize everything about this city in one paragraph. So I’ll just tell you my favorite part: after exploring all day, head over to Fisherman’s restaurant for some delicious seafood dishes. You won’t regret it!

My first visit to Stade

My visit to Stade, Germany, is definitely an experience that I’ll never forget.  

I had the opportunity to explore this small town and was pleasantly surprised at how many interesting buildings and landmarks I encountered! One of my favorite experiences was wandering down the streets and admiring all of the old buildings. I would recommend visiting Stade because there are tons of interesting buildings and landmarks that tourists can explore!

It was a pleasure to visit Stade for the first time, and I highly recommend that other travelers give it a try. There are many interesting buildings and landmarks in this small town, so there’s always something new to see no matter how often you return!

My favorite part of my day exploring Stade was admiring all of the old architecture – if you can find your way down any street without seeing at least one beautiful building, then keep looking because they’re everywhere!  

The best thing about going on an adventure is coming back with stories or memories that will last forever. If you have yet to explore what Germany has to offer, make sure to add Stade to your list today!

What you should know about Stade

If you’re visiting this historic German town, there are a few things you should be aware of ahead of time. 


The people who live here are most likely to speak German. I had trouble communicating with some people because my German isn’t perfect! So if you don’t want to struggle to communicate with the locals, come to Stade prepared!


The town is very historic. There are tons of historic buildings and beautiful cities around, so plan accordingly – there might not be as much modern entertainment here as you would find in a larger city.


Bikes are extremely popular. I wasn’t able to cycle very much during my visit, but I’ve heard that there are many biking trails throughout the area. With such beautiful surroundings, it’s no wonder why cycling is so dominant here!

Small and Cozy

The town is small and very easy to get around. The historic riverfront made it possible for me to walk everywhere I needed to go – which was great because it wasn’t too far from any of the places I wanted to visit.

I know what you’re thinking: how can a small town like this have so many things to see and do? Indeed, there aren’t as many modern entertainment options here, but there is still plenty for visitors to enjoy.

Eat seafood at Fisherman’s Restaurant

And of course, don’t forget to try some of the delicious seafood dishes offered at Fisherman’s Restaurant. The menu changes daily according to what’s fresh and available, but there’s always something new to try! 

  • If you want to try something different, I highly recommend the grilled scallops with fresh vegetables and rice. It sounds simple, but it’s SO delicious! 
  • The ravioli is also delicious if you’re looking for a more filling meal. There are tons of seafood options and other traditional German dishes – everything I tried was delicious
  • for dessert, I recommend trying the German chocolate cake! It’s not overly sweet so it pairs well with any of the wonderful seafood dishes at Fisherman’s Restaurant. 

There are tons of interesting buildings and landmarks in Stade that all make for great photo opportunities! If you want to spend some time outdoors in a beautiful setting, consider visiting this scenic area too because there are plenty of biking trails throughout the area. 

In Germany, seafood is a specialty and many restaurants offer fresh dishes. Fisherman’s Restaurant in Stade serves up delicious seafood plates for visitors with a sweet tooth to enjoy as well!  

With so much history surrounding this small town, it can be challenging to choose just one place to visit – but I’m sure you’ll have fun exploring the area on your own once you’re here! So what do you think? Are you ready to spend some time adventuring around Stade today?

Visit the Town Hall and market square

The Town Hall in Stade is a historic building that was first constructed in the year 1359. This impressive building is situated at the center of Stade’s historic market square. 

Inside the Town Hall, you’ll find various exhibits, including old pictures, 2,000-year-old coins, and other historical artifacts. 

One of the best ways to explore a city is by walking through its neighborhoods. You’ll find interesting shops, cute cafes, and so much more!

If you’re looking for an authentic German souvenir to take home with you after your trip to Stade, stop by one of the many shops and purchase some handmade goods! The market square also offers a variety of traditional items like hammers, jewelry, and antiques.

  • This historic building is known for its impressive architecture. 
  • The exterior of the Town Hall features many detailed carvings that are reflective of Stade’s rich history. 
  • There are also some exciting symbols on the exterior of the building – it took me a while to figure out their significance! I think the best view of the Town Hall is from across the market square, but you can get up close if you’d like. 
  • The market square in Stade has lots of great shops where you can buy traditional German items! If you’re looking for something to take home with you as a souvenir, stop by one of these places and find something that will remind you of this scenic town. 


Have a beer at the brewery on the edge of town

Just a short walk from the Old Town in Stade, you’ll find a brewery. The beer they produce is top-notch and they have a great assortment of brews to taste from. 

It’s well worth stopping by here to try some of the delicious German beer. The staff are friendly and always happy to serve visitors! If you visit in the summertime, make sure to take a look at the beautiful gardens that surround the brewery – they add a lot of charm to an already lovely experience. 

This brewery has a great patio area with tables where you can sit outside and enjoy your beer. The atmosphere is very laidback and locals are always happy to share stories about the town.

Visit Stader Burg for some medieval fun

One of the most popular activities near Stade is visiting Stader Burg, a medieval castle built in the year 1180. If your kids are into castles or you’re just looking for something different to do during your visit, this makes for an excellent day trip. It’s the biggest attraction in the area, so tons of other people have come here before – but it’s definitely worth checking out! 

You can follow hiking trails around the castle or walk through the gardens and vineyards that surround it. There are guided tours available as well as options to explore on your own, so do some research before you arrive to find out what would work best for your group! 

Stader Burg

Stader Burg is a popular attraction, so there will be lots of other people around during daytime hours. Try going early in the morning if you don’t want too many other visitors around – I’m sure it’s much more peaceful at this time! 

Be aware that the castle includes steep staircases and narrow hallways – if you have any mobility issues or disabilities, it might not be a good idea to visit this site because of how difficult it can be to navigate these areas. 

Old Town

If you’re in the mood for a refreshing beer after exploring Stade’s Old Town, head to this brewery on the edge of town. There are plenty of tables outside where you can enjoy your drink and take in the scenery. The staff is friendly and always happy to serve visitors! If you visit during the summertime, be sure to check out the beautiful gardens that surround the place – they add charm to an already lovely experience.

Take a walk along Lake Steinhude

If you’re looking for an activity to enjoy during your trip to Stade, I highly recommend walking along Lake Steinhude. There is a beautiful walking path that loops around the water and goes past the Damm-See. The scenery is spectacular – there are plenty of things to explore as you make your way down the trail! 

My favorite part about the walk was seeing all of the wildlife hanging out by the lake. You can see everything from otters to geese – it’s an excellent way to spend some time exploring nature without getting too far away from Stade. 

Lake Steinhude is an excellent place for walking, running, cycling, and skating. And don’t forget to stop by on your way to the Steinhuder Meer lake bathhouse, which features an outdoor swimming pool with slides and wave machines!

The scenery near Lake Stein Hohe is always changing – no two visits are ever the same!

This is a popular walking path so there will be lots of other people around. Try going during the weekday if you want to avoid crowds and take your time enjoying the scenery.

One of my favorite parts about visiting Stade was wandering through the small streets in the old town area near Klaides Bruggen Tor (also known as Kleines Bruggen Tor). There are lots of cute cafes and shops set up on either side of this pretty little street, and it’s always buzzing with foot traffic.

I highly recommend spending some time here – you won’t regret taking some time out of your day to explore! There are also some interesting buildings along this path so if you want to learn more about Stade, this is a good place to start exploring. 

This street has lots of shops that sell souvenirs and gifts. If you’re looking for a way to remember your visit, check out some of the local stores!

Funny story

The day of my visit to the street was a hot one, and I found myself sweating profusely after only a few minutes of walking. It felt like it would never end! So when I finally made it far enough down the street that there were no more stores left on either side, I found it so refreshing to be in the shade for once. There was an ice cream store halfway up the block on my right-hand side, so I went inside out of habit and ordered some ice cream.

As soon as they gave me my cone, though, their door opened again and a man walked in with three little boys who looked younger than 10 years old by his sides 🙂

If you’d like to learn more about the history of Stade before heading there on your trip, I recommend stopping by the Museum der Stadt Stade as soon as possible. It’s open from Tuesday through Saturday each week and they have a wide variety of exhibits inside, which are perfect for those who enjoy learning about history and culture!

Lake Steinhude is a great place to explore during your time in Stade. There’s plenty of wildlife and beautiful scenery that make for an excellent day trip. If you’re looking for somewhere peaceful, I highly recommend going early on weekday mornings – it will be much more enjoyable without other people around!

Relax in one of the parks or gardens around town 

Stade has an abundance of is green space – there are tons of beautiful parks, gardens, and nature trails that you can explore around town. I had a lot of fun discovering these during my trip because I knew that they would be peaceful areas to take a break from the bustle of tourists and locals!

Hohenlockstedter Buechenpark

One of my favorite gardens in Stade was the Hohenlockstedter Buechenpark. It’s right on the edge of town so you can enjoy some fresh air before heading back to civilization. 

Hümmerdeich Park

Another park worth visiting is the Hümmerdeich Park which offers stunning views over Lake Steinhude. It’s got plenty of benches for those who want to stop for a while and relax.


The Diekseepark is perfect if you’re into strolling through nature. It has a small lake that’s great for birds who like to hang around there during the summertime! There are also plenty of little trails to follow, so you can choose how long you want your walk to be.


Another beautiful park in Stade is the Windmühlenpark – this park is full of beautiful flowers and trees so it’s worth visiting if you love spending time in nature. Plus, it’s not too far from town so it’s easy to get to! 

Walking through the Windmühlenpark is like walking through a beautiful painting. One of the most noticeable features of this park are the many windmills that line its borders – hence, it’s name. There are several different types of flowers and trees here so there is always something new to see every time you visit.

Stade was an exciting place for me to visit because I had never heard much about the place before. My expectations were definitely exceeded while I was there, and if you’re searching for some peace and quiet to escape the bustle of city life, then this is a great place to visit!

I love to explore the wildlife around Lake Steinhude. I can’t say that I know all these animals are, but their markings and sounds make them seem like old friends. Recently, while walking on a trail near the lake with my family, we just happened upon a group of geese were swimming in a nearby pond. They were so grateful!

If you get tired of walking along the path, there are benches located throughout where you can stop for a rest. It’s worth stopping by more than one park or garden in town because they each have their own unique appeal! 

Klaides Bruggen Tor

There are plenty of interesting buildings along with Klaides Bruggen Tor – if you want to learn more about Stade, this street is a good starting point. 

The old town hall, the new theatre and concert hall, or maybe you’re more into churches? You can walk along with Klaides Bruggen Tor for hours and see buildings of all kinds. Some are modern while others are over 500 years old! That’s why it is an excellent place to start exploring Stade if you want to get to know the city better.

I am a big believer in spending time outdoors and exploring nature whenever possible, so I loved that Stade had plenty of green spaces to explore. One of my favorite parks was Windmühlenpark because it’s full of beautiful flowers and trees. If you’re looking for some peace and quiet to escape the bustle of city life, then this is a great place to visit! 

Walk through old neighborhoods and explore side streets to find hidden gems and surprises.

I love going out and exploring the city to find hidden gems. There’s so much to discover in every neighborhood, from a new coffee shop you’ve never been into before, to a beautiful mural that’s not always visible from the street.

A great way to explore Stade is to take a walk through the neighborhoods and side streets. There are lots of interesting buildings and landmarks that tourists can discover if they spend some time wandering around and exploring! 


– You can start by checking out the Fischereihafenhaus which is home to an impressive collection of architecture from different periods. It’s not far from town so it’s easy to find and well worth checking out! 

I’ve been walking around the Fischereihafenhaus, admiring all of the architecture which was surprisingly impressive for such a small town. I made my way over to one in particular – it looked like an old castle with turrets and everything! It was kind of hard to believe that this building hadn’t actually been built with any accommodations for modern life.

I walked through some more buildings but they were all quite new-looking or not in as bad condition as the first one. That’s when I realized that people were calling out below me, ringing bells and asking if anyone would like to buy some souvenirs from their shops. It took me a minute before I realized it had just been Halloween decorations 🙂

Alte Nikolaikirche

Another interesting landmark is the Alte Nikolaikirche – this church was completed in 1310 and features a gorgeous rosette window and impressive wall paintings, which you can view for free. 

It’s free to view all these beautiful works of art! You can also see a stunning rosette window on display near the altar, which was completed with great care and attention to detail. If that isn’t enough for you then head up to the top floor – there’s even more art!


The Friesenhofen district is another great place to explore. It’s got a ton of interesting old buildings that are well worth checking out to learn more about Stade.

The first building I came across was the Friesenhofen district church. It’s a lot smaller than other churches in Stade, but it had an exciting history – dating back to the 1200s. The church also has some of the most magnificent stained glass windows around, which are well worth checking out if you’re interested in that sort of thing!


I then headed off down to Gottliebstrasse to explore more of this historic side of town. Along the way, I saw ancient Roman ruins and found out about how Stade is quite different from Hamburg because there’s no water around here!

This area was initially marshland until it became home to many small villages over time before eventually becoming what we now.

The town of Stade has a lot to offer visitors interested in history and culture because there are so many beautiful buildings, landmarks, and parks in the area. I had a great time visiting during my month abroad in Germany because I really enjoyed relaxing, exploring nature, and discovering new things.

The quickest way to get to Stade is probably by car because the town doesn’t have an airport. If you’re willing to take the journey by train, though, it’s possible – just make sure that you set aside a lot of time because the journey will be long. 


I highly recommend visiting Stade because there are tons of interesting landmarks and parks for tourists to explore! 

The quickest way to get here might be by car; otherwise you can take the train – just make sure you set aside enough time because the journey will be long (over three hours). If you want some peace and quiet or if you want to escape city life entirely, then this is the perfect place for your visit.

My friend and I were on a mission to find the perfect place to go for our vacation. We wanted an escape from the city life and we found that in Stade! It was so nice, there are tons of interesting landmarks which you can explore.

For example, the Schlossgarten is full of beautiful trees, flowers, waterfalls and statues – it’s almost like being in nature without actually going outside! The castle gardens are only open during certain parts of the summer but they’re worth checking out. There are also some other cool places like Villa Hügel up on top of this hill overlooking everything below it or Foulspiel Castle, which has all these cool things inside you can look at while exploring around.

Don’t forget to go to your local post office and send your friends a couple of postcards!

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