What to write in the postcard and how to sign it correctly?

Sending a blank card is rude and not fair to the postcrosser.

I don’t think you’d like the fact that you got a blank postcard.

unsigned postcard

So you have to be as imaginative as possible and satisfy your recipient.

What is Postcrossing? - My Guide

How To Fill Out A Postcard

The purpose of a postcard is to send news about your adventures, but it will never reach its destination if you don’t write down the address and seal it up with stamps!  It’s important that you follow these guidelines on writing a postcard:

1. Use a pen to fill in the sender’s address.

2. Write the recipient’s name and address on the postcard.

3. Write the address of the person who will be receiving the postcard, including their name, postal code and country.

4. Seal up your postcard with stamps, then drop it into a mailbox!

Below you will read more about this…

Glue Postcard Stamps

But before you start decorating your postcard you should first glue the postage stamps on. Read in this article how many to glue and how much, I reviewed this in more detail.

dampen the postal stamp using a sponge

1) The first option is to dampen the postal stamp using a sponge. You may either use a tweezers to grasp the stamp and run it across a moistened sponge or use a light touch and glide the sponge over the back of the stamp. Make careful not to make the glue too wet, as it will slide around on the paper before sticking. When sealing, apply pressure along all corners and edges.

Pencil glue for gluing a postage stamp

2) You can also use a glue stick or a glue runner if the glue on the stamp’s back has lost its adhesion. This is more time-consuming, so make sure you’re using a long-lasting adhesive rather than a repositionable one.

moisten the stamp with saliva

3) The third option is to moisten the stamp with saliva. However, I do not recommend this because keep in mind that any postage stamp has glue on it, and any particles of glue may remain on your tongue. Once again, I do not suggest doing this, but I know individuals who have done it in this manner.

In a nutshell, the stamps should be glued in the upper right corner

Write the Recipient’s Address Correctly

Once you’ve glued the stamps on, move on to filling out the address.

Where to write the address on the postcard
Where to write the address on the postcard – envelope

Rewrite the address carefully, especially all the numbers. If you misspell the address, your card will never reach the recipient, so be careful.

If the address is written only on the postcard, it must be written strictly according to the scheme: Name, House Number and Street. There should be no abbreviations or words from other languages.

The order of writing elements may vary depending on the language used in a particular country, so check the rules for your country before you start writing. It’s better to ask a native speaker about how it should look like if there are doubts about correctness of one’s own handwriting.

In English-speaking countries , house number can be placed either just after street name or after all the elements separated with a hyphen.

Don’t make mistakes when you sign a postcard.

Write the recipient’s address in the appropriate place (bottom right). The address is usually written after you click “Send postcard”.

If you accidentally close the tab on your computer with the recipient’s address, don’t worry! Go to your email account and there you will find a duplicated email with all the data, address, postcard ID and description of the recipient profile.

Postcrossing is safe, so don’t worry about that.

Show more creativity

Creative people show a maximum flight of fancy when they want to surprise the postcrosser.

Besides expanding their geographical knowledge and improving their English level (applies to people where English is not their primary language) postcrossers express themselves very creatively in signing cards.

Creatively in signing postcard. What to write in the postcard example
postcard from Nederland
postcard from Indonesia

People decorate postcards with interesting drawings, colored scotch tape and even decoupage. Look what postcard I received from Ukraine – Lviv

Postcard Signature Sample - Decoupage, Ukraine - Lviv

What should I write on my postcard to make another postcrosser happy?

People write different kinds of postcards, anything from their favorite national food recipe to their own or their favorite poem. Sometimes people are asked to recommend a favorite national movie or just write about their business or hobbies.

In the letter they usually write about happy events, for example a holiday or a birthday or they send greetings from relatives or friends. They also ask if everything is okay with the addressee of the letter and how he/she feels there.

In modern times people more often chat via phone, by means of a computer, SMS text messages etc., it is easier that way too. And then e-mails have come into fashion in these days of the Internet .

A lot has changed, but one thing remains important: you can always deliver your greetings faster with letters and postcards than any other way of communication! You get used to written letters very quickly after some time.

Untill some decades ago people often bought or had some postcards with pictures on them, where they could write something on the picture itself.

But today you can adapt yourself to any kind of old fashioned writing paper, drawing your own pictures on it, using the computer program Paint for instance, decorating it with stickers etc., and then putting that into an envelope.

Of course you want to send greetings in a way that will be welcomed by the addressee!

You don’t have to address his/her birthday too directly because maybe he/she is not allowed to receive mail at work but rather has chosen another day instead of his/her birthday for celebrating with family or friends.

Sending regards for this special holiday is enough anyway!

Very often people simply write about how they spent their weekend or what’s bothering them right now.

Sometimes you can get a postcard with very interesting holiday greetings or learn about a person’s new hobbies.

Try to read the person’s profile on the site carefully and fully match what the person wants to receive.

My main themes for postcards are theater, soccer, beer, landmarks, black and white, musical instruments, pin-up and others.

My main themes for postcards are usuallytheater, soccer, beer, landmarks, black and white, musical instruments, pin-up, travel or “presentation of a place”. I would describe my personal experiences that are related to the country, culture, religion. For example:

I was in Italy last year. The architecture of Italian churches is so magnificent! But there are also many difficulties for tourists because they do not have much time to see everything…

Do you know what kind of bread is called “panini”? I can recommend it to you as an Italian prize-winning food!

But the best thing about the postcard should be your own opinion about this place and some information about your life there. What will you write?

The first sentence must require reflection, whereas the second part invites the reader to take action through sharing useful tips or recommendations

So most often I get postcards with these illustrations and read similar stories on them.

from Spain
from Taiwan
from Germany
from Germany

Postcrossing for children

Please note that postcrossing is also very interesting for children. You will receive postcards signed by children or have to sign a postcard for a child. 

Sometimes it’s adorable when a 4 or 6-year-old child will sign a postcard for you. 

children writing postcards

In the process of this hobby, you are sure to get several of these postcards.

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