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What to write in the postcard and how to sign it correctly?

Sending a blank card is rude and not fair to the postcrosser.

I don’t think you’d like the fact that you got a blank postcard.

unsigned postcard

So you have to be as imaginative as possible and satisfy your recipient.

What is Postcrossing? - My Guide

Show more creativity

Creative people show a maximum flight of fancy when they want to surprise the postcrosser.

Besides expanding their geographical knowledge and improving their English level (applies to people where English is not their primary language) postcrossers express themselves very creatively in signing cards.

Creatively in signing postcard. What to write in the postcard example
postcard from Nederland
postcard from Indonesia

People decorate postcards with interesting drawings, colored scotch tape and even decoupage. Look what postcard I received from Ukraine – Lviv

Postcard Signature Sample - Decoupage, Ukraine - Lviv

Glue Postcard Stamps

But before you start decorating your postcard you should first glue the postage stamps on. Read in this article how many to glue and how much, I reviewed this in more detail.

In a nutshell, the stamps should be glued in the upper right corner

Write the Recipient’s Address Correctly

Once you’ve glued the stamps on, move on to filling out the address.

Where to write the address on the postcard
Where to write the address on the postcard – envelope

Rewrite the address carefully, especially all the numbers. If you misspell the address, your card will never reach the recipient, so be careful.

Write the recipient’s address in the appropriate place (bottom right). The address is usually written after you click “Send postcard”.

If you accidentally close the tab on your computer with the recipient’s address, don’t worry! Go to your email account and there you will find a duplicated email with all the data, address, postcard ID and description of the recipient profile.

Postcrossing is safe, so don’t worry about that.

What should I write on my postcard to make another postcrosser happy?

People write different kinds of postcards, anything from their favorite national food recipe to their own or their favorite poem. Sometimes people are asked to recommend a favorite national movie or just write about their business or hobbies.

Very often people simply write about how they spent their weekend or what’s bothering them right now.

Sometimes you can get a postcard with very interesting holiday greetings or learn about a person’s new hobbies.

Try to read the person’s profile on the site carefully and fully match what the person wants to receive.

My main themes for postcards are theater, soccer, beer, landmarks, black and white, musical instruments, pin-up and others.

So most often I get postcards with these illustrations and read similar stories on them.

from Spain
from Taiwan
from Germany
from Germany

Postcrossing for children

Please note that postcrossing is also very interesting for children. You will receive postcards signed by children or have to sign a postcard for a child. 

Sometimes it’s adorable when a 4 or 6-year-old child will sign a postcard for you. 

children writing postcards

In the process of this hobby, you are sure to get several of these postcards.

Alex Polyakh - what is postcrossing

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    • I am very pleased that you found our article useful for you. Now is the best time to sign postcards for people. Go for it!

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  7. Although quite small, the space on the writable side of a postcard can often seem intimidating, and some people struggle with what to write there… there are many different ideas to fill your postcards:

    • You’re absolutely right, there are always lots of ideas, the main thing is to buy a postcard and postage stamps and sign 🙂

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