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What is a postcard ID in Postcrossing and where can I get it?

The Postcard ID is a trim code composed of two parts: the country code (letters) and a number (3 to 6 digits, depending on the popularity of the service in the country) which identifies the postcard in postcrossing. 

Example: US-12345678 (US for the United States of America, DE for Germany, NL - Netherlands, GG - Guernsey
postcards id countries - 248 countries in the world
248 countries in the world

Where Can I Get a Postcard ID?

To get a postcard ID, you must first join postcrossing

What is postcrossing, I think you already know ?

Click in your profile to send a postcard.

send a postcard

The system will automatically provide the address and profile of the recipient. Here you will see the ID you need to write on the postcard so that your recipient can register the postcard you are sending him.

Make sure you always write the correct postcard ID on each postcard

With the correct ID, the recipient will register it in postcrossing.

I want to add one more thing ☝️ Only postcards exchanged within the service have postcard IDs. Any direct swap in which you participate with other participants do not have postcard IDs.

Be sure to follow specific, simple rules to write your postcard ID correctly so that your recipient will register the postcard you send.

If you don’t already know what is postcrossing is, it’s time to learn this new hobby for yourself.

Where do I get a postcard ID to send a postcard?

These details (address, recipient information to send the postcard, and postcard ID number) will come to your mailbox, your email.

This ID number (US-12345678) should be written on the left side of the postcard. 

On the official website recommends writing the ID twice: if one of them becomes unreadable for some reason in transit, e.g., the letter carrier can put a stamp on your ID).

postcard id on postcard with postages

That’s exactly what I do. I put the ID number at the top, between the stamps, or at the end of the message. I also put it in front of the address or on the side of the address.

Keep in mind a few helpful hints to write your ID correctly on your postcard.

What to do :

  • Be sure to write the postcard ID number on the left side of the postcard (the direction of the text does not matter, you can write horizontally or vertically);
  • As I said above, write the ID on the postcard more than once in case the postcard is damaged;
  • Double-check the ID to make sure you wrote it correctly. The Postcrossing service is secure, so if not, you’ll have to write a private message to your recipient and ask them to register your postcard.
  • If you write the ID above or below the address, be sure to highlight it with colored markers, pens, pencils. I do this so that the ID is not mistaken for a zipcode.

What not to do :

  • Write the numbers correctly and clearly. Use large letters/digits and also highlight with markers or other colors;
  • Be attentive and write the ID on the left side of the card (the direction of the text can be any);
  • Write the ID on the card more than once;
  • Check the information and ID number several times, including the country code, to see if you wrote it correctly.

Good luck ?

Alex Polyakh - what is postcrossing

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