What is Postcrossing?

If you came to my site and you are reading this article, then I will try to fully disclose to you the topic of Postcrossing and answer the question – What is Postcrossing and why does it make me and other people happy?


These days everything has gone online and people are weaned off of holding a pen or markers. When you ride the subway or bus, every other person is holding a smartphone and reading the news or playing games on it.

But we are not like that, are we? Although we also like to watch YouTube or check our email. What I sure love to do is when I see a notification on my smartphone – “HURRAY” – it means that my postcard has reached its recipient and the recipient has registered it in the Postcrossing system and written me some warm, nice words.

from Germany
from Germany
from Belgium
from Indonesia
from Indonesia

Who Invented Postcrossing?

This free online platform was invented by computer science student Paulo Magalhães. His idea was to connect people around the world, regardless of their location, age, gender, race or beliefs. “Postcards make the world a happier place,” the Portuguese is convinced.

paulo magalhães created Postcrossing

What Is Postcrossing?

So, what is Postcrossing and why do people want to sign a postcard with their hands, glue stamps and especially enjoy receiving a postcard in their personal mailbox?

What is postcrossing? Receiving a postcard in their personal mailbox

As you have already understood, we are talking about postcrossing, a free service with which you can exchange postcards around the world. It is to receive postcards to your home mail, not email. Do not confuse the two. You will receive only email notifications if your postcard has reached its destination!

Postcrossing will turn your home mailbox into a box full of surprises and excitement.

Is Postcrossing Safe?

Very often when I explain to my friends or colleagues at work what Postcrossing is they ask me: Is it safe?

People are afraid that someone can use your residential address or some personal data.

The developers of this wonderful service, of course, took every precaution to keep all of your information private

I and my friends have NEVER had to deal with any type of scam or unfortunate events with this service. All information you put in your profile is up to you. You can make any settings in your account more confidential

For example, so no one can see your email or date of birth. It’s up to you to choose. I want to say right away that your address will only be seen by community members and only those people who will get a chance to send you a postcard

You will have a personal page with your nickname. People will see your profile but no one will see your address. Do not worry about that. You can always put your nickname instead of your real name.

If you don’t want to put your physical address, you can open a mailbox at your post office and put your mail address.

Postcrossing Hobby

Looking ahead, I would like to say that I have been into it for over 7 years now and it is my most devoted hobby. Almost all of my family and friends are into it as well. We love to get together on holidays and look at each other’s cards. 

What’s a birthday if friends come over and you haven’t signed a couple of postcards?

WHAT IS postcrossing

You’ll ask, “What’s the fun in that?”. You can email or messenger a person. Yes, you’re right! But the fun is that you sign a postcard to a stranger whose profile you’ve read on the site and you also get a postcard from a stranger who will write you a recipe for a favorite meal or how he spent his summer, etc. 

It all depends on your preferences, on what you write in your profile. When you fill out your profile, you’ll be sure to write about it all. I’ll help you with that.

What Should I Write On My Postcrossing Profile?

Postcrossing Stamps

If you’re a philatelist and like collecting stamps, you’ll have a great opportunity to get stamps from all over the world. Sometimes people glue really historic or old stamps. For that, I am very grateful to them.

Postcrossing has been such a hoot for me and everyone involved that getting postcards has become a goal! Getting a postcard from Elizabeth II or an envelope from the island of Guernsey

Receiving postcards with unique handwriting was the most interesting and exciting adventure. Seeing a picture of another world and touching another culture on a postcard. No travel show can replace that experience.

Received this postcard from China from Wen Jing. Would you say the handwriting is beautiful? Yes, yes - it's written with a pen, not a typewriter.  Awesome!
postcard from China

Postcrossing How Many Can I Send?

The essence of Postcrossing is that by registering for free on the official site you get randomly 5 addresses of postcrossers from around the world and sign postcards to them. The more you send, the more the limit for receiving and sending will be opened.

How Do I Get Postcards?

You get exactly as many cards as you send. 

Answering the question of what is postcrossing also want to tell about it.

New postcrossers can send a maximum of 5 postcards. Accordingly, you will also receive about 5. As soon as the first postcard arrives, you will have the opportunity to send a new one. 

If you live in Europe, then the postcard to Russia can take from 2 to 4 weeks. Everything is very relative. It all depends on how close the country is. The closer it is, the faster it will reach you.

What is a Postcard ID and where can I get one?

The postcrossing system automatically writes a code with a country ID and a number that your recipient registers the postcard on the site. 

Postcard ID is a small, unique code. It consists of two parts. The first part is a country code, the second part is a number.

US-12345678 (US - United States of America, DE - Germany etc)

As soon as the recipient registers the postcard, i.e. enters the country code and number, your address will be opened to the recipient and he or she will send you the postcard.

You won’t know from whom or what country the postcard will come to you, but I’m sure you’ll be very much looking forward to the letter carrier who will put it in your mailbox. It will be a very good surprise.

Direct SWAP Postcrossing – What is it?

But this is not the only way to exchange postcards. The service also provides for direct swap.

That is, you can offer any participant of postcrossing from any country to exchange postcards on a topic of interest to both of you.

For example, I write a private message in the system with the exchange of not only postcards, but also to exchange tickets to the theater or the bus (I always like to look at these things from other countries). It all depends on your hobbies. 

I once even sent a wine cork because the person I was sending the envelope to was a winemaker. After that I started collecting wine corks too.

Sending postcards has become very popular today and is gaining momentum. Especially a lot of people joined during the lockdown (COVID-19) because people had a lot of free time and people wanted to be closer to each other.

So I suggest you register on the site for free and send your first few postcards. 

If you need help registering and filling out your profile, be sure to use my tips on how to sign a postcard, how to properly fill out your profile, where to put stamps, what to write on the postcard, etc. so that your first postcards are sure to reach your recipients!
Alex Polyakh - what is postcrossing

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  1. Great article. Postcrossing is a wonderful and so inspiring thing! Actually, in a matter of a week I gonna celebrate my fifth anniversary with this project. As their slogan goes, I am enjoying “sticking around and making the world a better place, one postcard at a time”!! Happiness is definitely worth sharing)))


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