How do I write a letter to the royal family at Buckingham Palace?

UPDATE 08 September 2022

God save The King!

Everything there is to know about Queen Elizabeth II:

▪️ Elizabeth Alexandra Mary was born April 21, 1926, to the Earls of York.

▪️ In February 1952, Elizabeth was proclaimed the new monarch of Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon.

▪️ At the time of her reign, Elizabeth managed to work with 14 prime ministers, including Winston Churchill, Harold Wilson, Margaret Thatcher, and others.

▪️ Died today in Balmoral at age 96 for health reasons.

Britain’s new King has taken the name Charles III, – Liz Truss.

The Prime Minister called the Queen’s death a huge shock to the country and the world.

You now have the opportunity to send words of grief and support to Buckingham Palace. So read further the article I prepared for you, namely, how the correspondence department works and how to write a letter correctly.

Life moves on, so now you can read my guide and write words of support to the Charles III!

Queen Elizabeth II is very fond of correspondence. Her Majesty looks through all the mail that comes to Buckingham Palace. And that’s several boxes of greetings and documents every day. You can also get a reply from the Queen. So why not give it a try? 

Buckingham Palace is one of the most famous tourist attractions in London. The palace is the official residence of the British monarch and serves as a workplace for them. It's open to visitors all year round, with different exhibitions on display throughout the year.

Every day Buckingham Palace receives about 200 to 300 letters (not counting emails). They first go to the Correspondence Team, are screened and sent to the Queen. They are all shown to the Queen and they all get a reply. 

One of her Private Secretaries (Correspondence Team) keeps the Queen almost continuously informed about all of her correspondence, and she is very concerned about the letters she receives.
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Sometimes it happens within 3 days. You will receive the answer on Buckingham Palace stamp paper with an understandable degree of formality, but there will be a personal touch there too: you will usually find references to what you have written in the text. 

The letter will be composed by one of the Lady-in-Waiting on behalf of the queen, and it will be typewritten. But the address and signature are handwritten. Letters begin differently, such as “I am commanded by H.M. the Queen to thank you for your recent letter, the contents of which have been noted”, “The queen asked me…”, “The Queen wishes me to write and thank you…”

Additional information: Be careful with your letters, because they are checked by the Correspondence Team. This service screens out correspondence about things that the queen cannot influence - political disputes, personal problems, requests for financial aid and asylum, and the like. Such letters will be answered. But just a formal one.

It’s not a smart idea to give anything to Her Majesty. For security reasons, the Royal Mail will not allow any shipments to Elizabeth II.

Her conduct was much more regal and proper: she gave and received numerous presents. After the coronation, Her Majesty provided food to her own people. It might have been canned salmon, a real luxury in postwar Britain.

post stamps from Buckingham Palace (royal mail)

The good news is that Her Majesty accepts correspondence even from abroad, from any country (Guernsey, Africa or Dominican Republic). You can easily write to Elizabeth II and expect a reply. But a royal letter is a very important matter. So catch the tips from The Bigger Lovers on how to write so that you’re sure to get a response.

Buckingham Palace Mailing Address For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Buckingham Palace Mailing Address For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

If you’d rather letter to members of the Royal family you can send it to Buckingham Palace. Make sure that the envelope is addressed as follows:

The Queen
Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace Mailing Address For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - Royal family

SW1A 1AA – is Buckingham Palace address postcode (ZIP code)

The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall
Clarence House

His Royal Highness The Duke of York
Buckingham Palace

Their Royal Highnesses The Earl and Countess of Wessex
Bagshot Park
GU19 5PL

Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal
Buckingham Palace

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester
Kensington Palace
London W8 4PU
His Royal Highness The Duke of Kent
St. James’s Palace

Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Kent
Wren House
Palace Green
W8 4PY

Your address. It is recommended that you put it not on the envelope, but on the inside of the sheet. This makes it easier for the postal service to process.

What do you say in a letter to The Queen?

What do you say in a letter to The Queen?

Before you can actually write a letter to The Queen, you first need to know what to say in the letter. That’s why we’ve put together these ideas for what you might want to include in your letter.

One of the most important things to remember is that you should always address The Queen as “Your Majesty” or “Ma’am”. You can also use “Queen Elizabeth II” if you want.

Here are some other things you might want to include in your letter:

  • A message of congratulations for a recent event or achievement
  • An expression of gratitude for a particular act or deed
  • An apology for any mistake you may have made
  • A request for help or assistance with something
  • A prayer or blessing for The Queen and her family
  • A personal story or experience related to The Queen

No matter what you choose to say in your letter, be sure to express your feelings honestly and from the heart. The Queen will appreciate your words, and she will be sure to read every letter that is sent to her.

What would I write about?

People often want to congratulate The Queen on her Diamond Jubilee or other life milestones such as weddings and births. You can also wish her a happy birthday if it falls close to the time of writing your letter!

Queen Elizabeth II very happy

Additionally, some people might be wondering how they could get their idea for a charity project featured by The Queen or one of her charities – sending them a letter about this is your best bet at securing that meeting (or article). Another possible topic is thanking The Queen for visiting your town or city, or for opening an event.

As for me, I invited Queen Elizabeth II to the premiere of performance the special in my city. Does that sound silly? I know the Queen loves the theatre, so I thought it would be interesting if she came to my country where she'd never been in her life. 

The queen should be congratulated on the holidays, and a New Year’s postcard should be sent. Her elegant style should be celebrated. Wishing her good moods and health is an excellent idea. Tell your personal tale — what you do and why you decided to contact her. The letter may either be handwritten or printed on a computer keyboard.

How do you address Queen Elizabeth II?

How do you address Queen Elizabeth II

What do you say in a letter to her? These are questions that many people might not know the answer to. I mentioned it above, but I’ll remind you again.

Addressing The Queen can be done in different ways, but the most formal way is to use ‘Her Majesty’ followed by the person’s name. For example, you would write ‘Dear Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’.

When it comes to what to say in a letter to The Queen, there are no set rules. However, it’s generally polite to introduce yourself and state your purpose for writing. You may also wish to congratulate The Queen on any recent achievements or thank her for her service to the country. Whatever you choose to say, make sure your letter is well written and free of mistakes.

The British LibraryFor research, inspiration and enjoyment
British Library

If you’re not sure how to address The Queen or what to say in your letter, the best thing to do is to consult an etiquette guide. The British Library has a wonderful exhibition on letters sent to The Queen over time, which can provide some helpful tips. You can also email Buckingham Palace for advice.

Whatever you choose to say in your letter to The Queen, make sure it’s respectful and well written. Taking the time to write a personal letter is a gesture that will be appreciated by Her Majesty and her staff.

What will be the answer?

Unfortunately, the Queen will not be able to reply to your letter in person. She will simply read the letter. On behalf of Elizabeth II, one of the nine Maids of Honor will compose the response. They are also known as maids of honour.

Postcard from Elizabeth R
My postcard from Elizabeth R

Although they are only referred to as “lady-in-waiting” or “ladies of honour,” these ladies were formerly royal companions: they entertained the queens, assisted them with dressing, washing, and the like. They now have other responsibilities. The ladies of honour serve as Elizabeth II’s escorts on official visits and other business events, run various errands for her, and write letters on her behalf.

The answer will come tentatively from a few weeks to a few months. The answer came to me three months later.

It will be a special stamped paper from Buckingham Palace. The royal representatives will be sure to thank you for what you have written. And they will tell you how Elizabeth II responded to the letter. You’ll be pleased, no doubt about it!

I’m sure that envelope and postcard will be on your desk or in your cupboard and you’ll be sure to tell all your friends and relatives about it. 

Are there any other ways of writing a letter to The Queen?

Yes, you can also email The Queen via her website or send her a message through social media. However, if you want to send her a letter in the traditional way, you can send it to Buckingham Palace. You can also visit the British Library’s exhibition on letters sent to The Queen over time.

Can you email the Queen of England?

Yes, you can email The Queen by filling out a form on her website. You’ll need to provide your full name, postal address, and email address – and be sure to include the subject of your message!

Why do people send mail overseas?

In general, people tend to send mail overseas when they need a letter in a particular language in order to apply for a visa or work with an international business. Sending a letter can also be necessary when you have something culturally relevant to include, such as wishing someone the best of luck on their wedding day in another country.

That’s why I fell in love with Postcrossing, because all the people of the world can exchange postcards around the world. It was thanks to Postcrossing that I learned that you can send a letter to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

Where would I go if I wanted to write a letter?

If you’re not sure where you’d go in order to write a letter, any office supply store should carry enough stationery and envelopes for you to get started!

Don’t forget to decorate your letter. You can always read about where to write your address and how to properly fill out an envelope or postcard in my guide

No matter what the occasion, it’s always nice to write a letter to The Queen to show your appreciation for all she does! These are just a few ideas of what you might want to say in your letter – be sure to personalize it and make it special. As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We hope you enjoy writing your letter as much as we enjoyed putting this guide together for you!

So, if you’ve ever been curious about what to write in a letter to The Queen, now you know! Why not try writing one yourself? You may be surprised at just how much fun it can be. Thank you for your time, and we hope you have a wonderful day.

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  1. Alex, thanks for the article. Now my daughter will definitely send a postcard to Elizabeth 🙂 But I am also interested in a related question… What is the difference between Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace?

    • Hello James. Thanks for the question. I was very happy to figure it out myself.

      The difference between the two palaces is like night and day. For example, while Windsor Castle exudes a very British atmosphere with its red-coated sentries and manicured gardens (the perfect place to relax on summer weekends), Buckingham Palace feels much more draughty; one can’t help but feel intimidated by how vast it seems after being inside as well guarded facility suchs that were built centuries ago at this location in central London.

      The Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace is something that should not be missed; it’s an incredible display of pomp and circumstance. The ceremony begins with the arrival of the “Queen’s Life Guard” on horseback, followed by a military band playing patriotic music. The guard then changes shifts, and the process repeats itself. It’s a great way to feel the pulse of the city, which is defined by its very rich history.

      The palace is open for tours from late August through early September. However, the best time to visit Buckingham Palace would be during Trooping the Colour, which takes place on either June 17th or June 21st every year. The Queen’s Life Guards, the military units that protect Buckingham Palace, perform a dramatic display on horses.

      It’s a fantastic opportunity to see not only the changing of the guard ceremony but also a highly trained military performance as well. It can be a bit pricey to buy tickets for this show, however it is something you won’t regret doing if you have the funds.

      Hope this help =)

  2. To our Queen and all the people in England. Please do not allow these small groups of people try to ruin your great history, and trying to bring down your Royal Family. History is what England is,to be proud of. Celebrate it ,enjoy yourselves in it. You all should be so proud, do not allow these under achieves destroy it.
    The same thing has happened in Australia, our hero’s are made villains, our history has been corrupted by ignorant people that the press seem to love. Our history now is made up of stone age rituals and white imagination. Be proud of your history and stay loyal to the Queen it is Englands back bone.

  3. Shame on King Charles for not letting Prince Harry wear his uniform to his grandmother’s funeral. What Andrew did shamed the entire Royal family and for the new king to refuse Prime Harry to wear his military uniform makes me feel I was right. Walking away from royal duties ok maybe that should have been dealt with better but Price Harry fulfilled his duties when in the military and should have been granted the uniform wearing. Thank God the Prince of Wales and his beautiful wife will be the next King and Queen of England I wait for that day to come.


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