Postcrossing & you: 8 years together!

Postcrossing is a unique opportunity to send and receive real postcards by post in almost any country in the world. For free! Send out your own postcards with messages written in your own handwriting all over the world for someone else’s enjoyment! You can also receive cards from many different places around the world – every month you’ll get photos of new countries on your ‘map’. It’s easy to join: just follow this link.

Eight years ago I decided to join a wonderful service – Postcrossing. Today I received an email notifying me of this event.

Eight years in postcrossing

There was a time when I didn’t send postcards for months and it was very boring without them. Especially during the quarantine period, when all the postal services around the world were very bad.

There have been many changes during that time and here are some of them that are mentioned on the forum and just my observations.

We are excited to announce that there are now over 1 million postcrossers around the world!

Since 2008, you have been sharing your thoughts on postcards with complete strangers. We are impressed by this global community of creative individuals who dedicate part of their time and resources to brighten other people’s days. To celebrate this milestone and give back to our loyal users, we wanted to share some exciting updates that we’ll be rolling out in the coming months:

The first update is a new design for the website.

We understand that the website is presently difficult to use on mobile devices — this is something we are working on and it is a major goal for us. Making the website more mobile-friendly (responsive) has taken longer than we would like, but we are committed to doing so. We're not releasing a mobile app, but we do intend for the website's mobile version to have comparable usability while ensuring that the entire website's functionality is accessible on all devices (and not just certain parts of it).

In addition, we would like to inform you that we will be migrating our servers next month. While the process should only take a few minutes, it is possible that your bookmark or link to postcrossing might not work. We encourage you to update any bookmarks and links so they point directly to us.

However, please rest assured that this migration does not mean we are shutting down postcrossing any time soon! Instead, this means we’ll be focusing our resources on adding even more features so everyone can enjoy postcrossing for many years to come.

This new milestone would not have been possible without each and every one of you – from those who have sent cards as far as Antarctica and Guernsey, to those from more remote parts of the world that have been sending us postcards from the smallest of towns.

We hope you continue to share your creativity and joy with others through postcrossing for a long time! Thank you again for making our world a more colourful place.


The Postcrossing Team

Thank you for sticking around and filling the world with smiles, one postcard and one mailbox at a time. You’re brilliant!

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