Happy Postcrossingversary

Time has really flown these past 9 years, hasn’t it? So many postcards delivered, and so many smiles sparked!

Thank you for being part of this journey and for all the happiness you spread into the world. Keep going!

Postally yours,


“How fast time flies,” we often hear. And it really is. It’s been nine years since I exchanged postcards around the world.

I heard about some countries for the first time (Cape Verde, Guernsey) thanks to this hobby.

These are difficult times we live in. I can send postcards but I can’t receive them because my country is at war. But I really hope that after the victory everything will resume and I will be able to receive again from you beautiful views on postcards, read about your hobby and much more.

However, I really want to thank the postcrossing team for always supporting, connecting people around the world and not stopping there!

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